About Us


The International Network for Social Policy Teaching and Research is composed of deans and program directors from social policy and public policy schools at universities around the world. The Network’s purposes are:

  1. develop collaborative international networks (through blogs, etc.) among leading social policy teachers and researchers;
  2. facilitate distance learning programs, from informal seminars and colloquia to joint, for-credit courses;
  3. encourage joint programs as well as inter-school faculty and student exchanges, for entire semesters or shorter periods;
  4. provide a repository on teaching materials (syllabi, exercises, workbooks, etc.) useful to teaching in a wide gamut of international settings;
  5. serve as a platform to the interchange of effective teaching techniques; from statistics to policy analysis to social media;
  6. assist new and emerging schools to conceptualize curricular, teaching, degree requirements, and administrative and staffing issues; and
  7. sponsor an annual invitational research and teaching meeting.

In addition, the Network serves as the Advisory Board to the Oxford University Press Library on International Social Policy.